It’s pajama day, again

It’s pajama day, again…Yep. I don’t even need to explain this. It’s pajama day again. Every. Single. Day. Today, like most others, I get up, do a little work, get the kids up for school, and if I’m motivated put clean pajamas on. There’s something comforting and “homey” about being in my pajamas all day.Continue reading “It’s pajama day, again”

It’s Easter morning, and everything’s different

It’s Easter morning 2020 and everything’s different. The roads are quiet, the churches are empty, the restaurants are closed. Never in our wildest imaginations could we have dreamed up this scenario. Fear lingers in the air as the invisible enemy continues to lurk in the air. People hide in their homes to protect themselves andContinue reading “It’s Easter morning, and everything’s different”