There’s Something About the Dark Sky

Today the dark sky rolled in. As I took my morning walk I hurried along while I noticed big billowy clouds overhead. Towering dark clouds eventually filled in the background of my scenery. My pace continued to quicken as I wondered if I would be caught in a pop-up thunderstorm.

The further I walked, however, I began to notice something unexpected. The darker the sky grew, the brighter, more vivid, and more beautiful the other colors began to show. In front of the dark sky, each tree popped with vibrant color. Bright greens, warm reds, glowing oranges and happy yellow leaves were suddenly exploding in the air. Their colors appeared even brighter as the stormy background contrasted them sharply. I could not help but be struck by the difference. The gloomy, ominous, almost threatening sky covered the horizon; yet, bright, beautiful, vivid and glorious colors pressed against it. The colors seemed even more glorious because they were against a dark sky. In fact, it was the darkness that made the colors pop so beautifully.

Friends, right now the world feels dark. Not only does the background of our lives have that heavy looming feeling, but some days it feels like it’s right in front of us as well. I know many of us feel a sense of fear or hopelessness as we wade through each day. I get it, I have those feelings too. But then, in my better moments, I wonder what kind of goodness and beauty is going to “pop” onto the scenery and change my view. I want to know where kindness and honesty, joy and love, will shine, in the midst of these dark days. As these thoughts swim in my head, I come to the conclusion that I cannot wait for someone else to be a change-maker. Instead I need to question myself; do I live in the overcast, shadowy feelings of the storm, or do I choose to be someone who stands in contrast and brings peace, kindness, and joy?  The darkness is pressing around us, which means we need goodness even more. Matthew 5:15-16 says “let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father who is in Heaven.” Friends right now we need people who shed light, not darkness, we need unity not judgment, we need kindness not anger. We need to show the world love, not hate. 

So what would my days look like if I committed to bring joy and peace with me into every conversation, every relationship, every interaction? Would it change my family? My job? My life? Would it change the lives of those around me as well? I think it would. What about you? Which space do you live in? Imagine if we all choose to be change-makers, for peace, for unity, for love. Not for ourselves, but for the world we want our children to inherit. Now that’s a picture I get excited about. I’m in, are you?

Devotional Moment:

How can you be a light to those around you? Could you sit with someone at lunch who is alone? Could you hold the door or help someone at work even if it takes extra time? Commit to looking for ways to bring light into the world today!.

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