Road Closed

It’s summer in Minnesota. That means it’s construction season. For the past several days there has been a road closure near my house. It is on my usual route that I take to most places. Each time I leave the house, without really thinking about what I’m doing, I drive myself straight into the construction. Each time I have to turn around and find another route.You would think after several days of doing this I would figure it out. You would think after several times of being waived down by construction workers, whipping U turns to avoid trucks and large holes, that I would get it. That’s what you would think, but somehow I don’t. No matter how inconvenient it has become, no matter how obvious the large orange signs might be, I continue to try my usual route, seemingly thinking I know best.

I wonder if God ever looks at me like the construction worker. I wonder if he wonders if I’ll ever get it? Despite all the signs, despite making several U-turns, and despite driving into a mess, I continue to make the same mistakes. When God re-routes my life how hard is it for me to listen? If suddenly there is a roadblock or a change lane sign, do I drive right past it without noticing? I would like to think I don’t – but I do. I would like to think I’m more observant, a better listener, more open to change. But the truth is, I am quite used to my regular route. I’m quite comfortable with the way things are so when there is a change in my plans it bothers me. So many plans have been changed the last few weeks and so many routes are different. I wonder how long it will take me to embrace the new scenery? I wonder if along the way I will meet new people, pick up a new hobby or gain new wisdom. I wonder how many times I will drive past the road closed sign before I accept the new way? I am so glad God is patient with me. I’m thankful he has unending wisdom to direct me even when I think I know best. I wonder how many signs I’ve missed and wrong turns I’ve taken? Even still, he continues to gently guide me back to the right path. Proverbs 16:9 says “ in their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps”.

I’m glad God makes the ultimate plan as I would lead myself into trouble! Maybe someday I’ll see the signs a little faster! Maybe not. Either way, thankfully God continues to bring me back to him.

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