Yellow Car

Several years ago my family started playing a pretty ridiculous game. It actually all started on a road trip to Green Bay Wisconsin. We were traveling for a gymnastics competition. One of the gymnasts taught us this game, it’s called Manners. I have no idea why it’s called that, it makes no sense, but that is it’s name. The game goes like this: every time someone sees a yellow car they yell “manners” as fast as they can. The person who says it first, gets a point. As you can imagine, the game caught on quickly between my husband and my son. The competition grew fierce. The yelling was loud. The game suddenly had a life of its own!

Who knew there were so many yellow cars? I had never looked for yellow cars before this. Actually, I would tell you, I have never even noticed yellow cars until I played this game. Now I see yellow cars everywhere. I cannot help but see them. My eyes have been trained because If I am first to notice the car, I get the point – even if I’m not playing the game. I’m not as fast as my son, but I’m getting better. So the game continues on, it’s been running for about four years. And you would not believe how many yellow cars we see.

This game reminds me of how I see God’s hand in my life, and how I want to encourage you to see God’s hand in your life as well. Before I was looking for yellow cars, I didn’t notice any of them. I am sure I would drive past several every day and they would not catch my eye. Now that I am looking for them, I see them everywhere. God’s presence is like that. If we do not look for it, we will not see it. If we do not train ourselves to recognize it, we will miss it. We will miss it several times a day. But when we train our eyes and our hearts to see what God is doing right around us, we will begin to see His presence everywhere. It’s not like God is just showing up for the first time, he’s been here all along. It’s that we finally have eyes to see Him. We will be trained to look for all He has done and is currently doing. So my prayer each day is that I will recognize God‘s holy presence in my life. In my daily interactions, daily routines, relationships, joys and challenges. Because when I open my eyes to see Him, I suddenly noticed that God is everywhere.

“Keep your eyes open for God, watch for his works; be alert for signs of his presence”

Psalm 105:4

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