Who decided this was a good idea?

That was the statement my daughter made last night. She’s in college now and obviously so mature. Her younger sister asked me to pierce her ears. Let me clarify, she has her ears pierced. Actually she has a double piercing already. So what I would be doing is putting in a triple pierce. We did a Google search as any good mother would do when she was poking a pin into her child’s ear and it seemed easy. We got the potato, sterilized the pin, iced her earlobe and even found the studs from her last piercing. After pop thoroughly numbing her ear we decided it was time. We put the potato behind her earlobe, and I raised the pin to her ear. That is when her sister looked at us and said “who decided this was a good idea?” The thought did cross my mind, “what if I make a mistake? What if I do something wrong?” My college student was right, who did think this was a good idea? 

I’m so thankful that when God created you and that He did so with confidence. I’m so thankful He looked at His creation and thought this is good. I’m extra thankful that God doesn’t make mistakes. Although oftentimes this world might trick us into believing less about ourselves, we are created beautifully, perfectly. And no matter what you may hear from voices around you, remember God doesn’t make mistakes. Psalm 66:5 says “take a good look at God’s wonders, they will take your breath away(the Message).” Not only are the mountains and oceans, sunrises and sunsets God’s magnificent creation, but you and I are God’s wonders as well. My prayer for you today is that you would know deep in your heart that you were created perfectly, exactly the way you were meant to be. That’s no mistake!

And yes, I did pop the pin through her earlobe! And yes, I did make one mistake, luckily one that was easy to fix!

Write down Psalm 66:5 and put it in a place you will see it often such as your mirror, the fridge door or on the coffee machine. Be reminded today that you were made perfect!

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