Laughter is Good Medicine

Today we had a series of failures. After five weeks of online learning I think we hit a breaking point. The internet kept freezing, the all important online check-ins could not be done, and the assignments could not be turned in. The kids hit a wall and in all honesty, I think I hit the wall too. Between frustrating online Spanish assignments, Zoom house tours given by college professors and 3 hour live workouts, the frustration level in the house had finally peaked. After weeks of trying to stay motivated, be positive, and stay healthy, something like the black hole entered the house and sucked it all out! I’m. Totally. Serious. But, in that place of total frustration, something funny happened. Rather than sink into sadness or anger, the kids went a little crazy. A  few of them grabbed their coziest blankets, put on their fuzzy animal socks, and went to the backyard to unleash some energy. What happened next was good for my soul, and theirs as well. For the next hour or so they proceeded to make fun of themselves and the ridiculous situations they are finding themselves in. They doubled over laughing. From screens freezing on their faces for the whole lecture to little brothers doing Just Dance in the back of their classes, they laughed and laughed over all the failures and embarrassing moments they had experienced. And they laughed hard. The sound was so good to hear. The smiles were so good to see. The moment was priceless.

Yes, this has been an amazing journey and not everything has gone smoothly. Hopefully someday we will look back and recognize the wild ride we have all been on, one that seems to have no end. But in the midst we must take a break from everything we are doing to sit and laugh. We need to find a few moments to refill our weary souls and yes, laughter is truly the best medicine. 

My prayer for each of you today is that you may have one good belly laugh. So good your eyes water and your stomach aches. So good you need to catch your breath. So good it leaves a smile on your face the rest of the day.

Proverbs 31:25 says “laugh without fear of the future”. How challenging are those words? But, how encouraging are they? I would be lying to say I’m not somewhat afraid of the future. But today, I can also laugh, because I know who holds the future, and I’m in  very good hands.

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