It’s pajama day, again

It’s pajama day, again…
Yep. I don’t even need to explain this. It’s pajama day again. Every. Single. Day. Today, like most others, I get up, do a little work, get the kids up for school, and if I’m motivated put clean pajamas on. There’s something comforting and “homey” about being in my pajamas all day. But I may have actually exhausted that “pajama day” excitement. How could a day so looked forward to as a child become something that holds such different meaning now as an adult? How could my secret hopes of wearing pajamas every day not live up to its expectations? Maybe it’s not the pajamas. Maybe it’s me. Could it be that every day I wake up in this pandemic and must choose how I’m going to feel? Pajamas or no pajamas, each day I get to choose how I will approach my job, my children, myself. For many of us we are heading into a month or more of staying at home, and we are tired. So today, as the morning sun enters my kitchen window giving the room a soft
warm feel, I am reminded that I get to choose how I feel. I am given the ability to decide how I will use my mind, manage my emotions, engage in relationships and practice self care. For those of you that feel trapped, unsafe, or unsure of yourself, please reach out. There is a host of people wanting to help you.
For me, today I choose joy. Today I will choose to be in this, not over it. Today I will choose to love and embrace those I am stuck at home with 🙂 Today I will choose to reach out to an old friend. Today I will choose to live, and live abundantly, from wherever I am “staying put”. Today I will choose joy, because I can.

What will you choose today? Write down feelings you will bring into today.

Take a few long, deep breaths and commit your mind to move toward this.

Share it with a friend, your spouse, your dog :). Its the first step towards moving in that direction!

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