It’s Easter morning, and everything’s different

It’s Easter morning 2020 and everything’s different. The roads are quiet, the churches are empty, the restaurants are closed. Never in our wildest imaginations could we have dreamed up this scenario. Fear lingers in the air as the invisible enemy continues to lurk in the air. People hide in their homes to protect themselves and their loved ones.
I cannot help but wonder how different this must feel from the first Easter. What that morning was like. I cannot put aside my curiosity. Were people afraid? Angry? Excited? The answer is yes. Crazy as it seems, thousands of years ago people felt the same feelings we feel today. They too looked for answers. Times have changed but the human heart has not. We seek to be known, to feel joy, to be included. To love and be loved.
You see when Jesus rose from the dead he changed everything, and I mean everything. Yes we still have pain, suffering, and injustice in our world and
things don’t make sense all the time. Jesus came to be in it “with” us, not to just make it all go away. I know all of you reading this may not feel the same about these things. I know many of you question, challenge, and choose other beliefs . My prayer for each of us today is that we would ask ourselves what we believe and why. Jesus reminds us that he came into the world and not to judge but to love. So as you seek, pray, struggle, fear, hope;  my prayer is that you would give Jesus a chance. That you would open your heart and your eyes to who he is. That you would know fully, that you are loved. And as you celebrate this day with its  beauty, confusion, joy and fear all at once, remember:

It’s Easter morning my friends, and yes, everything’s different!

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