The good stuff is at the bottom

I made a salad today. Not very exciting I know, but since I’m not usually a salad eater it was out of the norm for me. Being stuck at home all day has given me the ability to try new things, and eat a lot! So today I made a salad. I took my time and put lots of extras in it. Nuts, dried fruit, croutons; all the things that make the salad a “not so good for you salad” but a really yummy one! I went outside to eat it on this warm spring day and anticipated enjoying my edible creation. As I started eating, I noticed I was really only getting lettuce. Bite after bite seemed like that typical crunchy yet almost cardboard like taste of plain lettuce. It wasn’t until I got near the end of the bowl that I realized all the good stuff had fallen to the bottom. I diligently finished the lettuce leaves so I could get to the bottom and enjoy all the extras. Sweet cranberries, salty pecans, crunchy croutons, all clumped together and soaked in dressing. It was like my salad was rewarding me for sticking it out, and  of course, I slowly ate every last bite!
Sometimes life is like that. We start something only to realize it is not quite what we expected. We may diligently begin a project, a task, or even a relationship only to realize it is not what we initially anticipated. Although we may feel slightly disappointed, we have to get through the top layer to really find out what’s at the bottom. We have to work a little to find the good stuff. The stuff that adds flavor, color, depth, joy.  It is not without a little bit of time and persistence that we get to the bottom to find the good stuff, the stuff we really want. I think possibly that might be the way it is with all really good things. We have to dig a little to get to the good stuff. We may need to sort through layers of less exciting things and be patient. But when we do, when we get to the bottom of it, it’s really good. We’ve found the toy at the bottom of the cereal box, or, like me, the cranberries at the bottom of the salad! 

Maybe that’s how we are as people too? Maybe we need to sort through some layers to uncover the good stuff. How can you and I commit to doing the hard work of getting to the good stuff in our relationships, our families or hearts? Maybe you’ll discover one of your children is really funny, or that your spouse is quite handy. Especially during this time of part isolation yet lots of family togetherness, let’s find the good stuff in ourselves and help bring it out in others.

Make a list of quality traits you see in yourself that are worth pursuing, even if its difficult.

Make a list of quality traits you see in someone you love. Share that with them!

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