Puppy Training

Some of you may know that 2 weeks ago we got a puppy. If life doesn’t feel crazy enough, we decided to make sure it was!  No sleep, nighttime potty breaks, teething, barking all the wonderful parts of puppy training are now a constant in my daily routine. Luckily, we have plenty of time to be working on this. The kids are doing a great job of being patient while we try to teach our new family member how to appropriately behave. Many days we have failures, some days we have successes. But every day we are trying. Every day we are training. 

This morning very early we went out for a walk to use up some of the puppy’s energy – and mine.  I am trying to walk him a few times a day as it helps with his crazies. He does not necessarily like the leash and he does not walk in a straight line, but he does enjoy being outside and he loves to follow our 10-year-old chocolate lab, Buddy. Most days we don’t get very far, he sniffs a lot, looks at all the birds and jumps on Buddy pretty much the whole way. This morning was no different. We started out with tangled leashes and overwhelming distractedness. We made it to the end of the street which is a big success. On the way back I mentioned to my daughter that we are lucky we have so much time to work on training. We proceeded to talk about the hard work of training a puppy and how it takes time and patience to help them develop positive behaviors. Training. That’s what we’re doing. We’re taking the time and patience to train the dog some new, positive, life skills. Skills that will greatly benefit the rest of his life and the others around him so they will be able to enjoy each other well.

 It dawned on me that possibly I should be in training myself. I could be using this time to learn some new positive life skills. Maybe now is a great chance for me to lean into something I need to be learning, challenged by, or growing in. There is time, lots of it. What could be something I’m training for? Patience? Kindness? Flexibility? Discipline? I’m sure I could find a few skills that would benefit my life, and others, if I were to improve upon them. How about you? What areas of your life could use a little training? Let’s take this time to grow and change for the better, adding skills that will benefit ourselves, and others.

Identify an area of your life that you could use training in?
Write down 3 steps for this week on how you will learn/grow this skill.
Share with a friend so they can encourage you along the way!

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