Get to do list

This morning I woke up and, like most of you, adjusted my mindset to be prepared to be home all day. I am a very active person, so are my children, so it feels like we are monkeys in the zoo these days! People joke that their children climb the walls, well mine actually do!   I never realized how much I appreciate the freedom to move about. So this morning I got up to make my “to do list”. It dawned on me that this might be the most exciting list I have ever made! This is not my to do list, this is now my “get to do list!” Errands that used to seem mundane or even like a chore, are now very exciting!  Even better, I feel grateful for the opportunity to do them. Dropping by the post office or picking up an order at the store, walking the dog or even cleaning out the backyard. These are things I might have called “chores”, or at the very least would usually sit on my list and stare at me. I would slowly check them off in hopes that they might solve themselves. Now I look at these tasks with unbelievable excitement! I feel grateful for the opportunity to move and think and be and feel and to do that in a healthy and positive manner. I guess life really is all about perspective isn’t it? The things we do today, the little and the big things, the moments we cherish. They are all things we get to choose how we feel about. After this experience is over I wonder if I will feel so excited about running by the post office or picking up dog poop in the backyard 🙂 I hope my perspective continues to be one of gratefulness where I appreciate not only the little things, but everything.
What’s on your “to do” list for today? How can you change your mindset and see it as your “get to do list”?
What are ways to work on changing your perspective to become a more grateful person?

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