New driver in the house!

I wrote this a few weeks ago before we were all staying home! I think it is even more relevant now as we challenge ourselves to make the most of this experience.

I have a new driver in the house. A permit driver. My daughter has just begun the journey of learning to drive and some days it’s terrifying! To learn she must get in the car and actually practice driving!! This means each day we spend time logging driving hours. We drive the city, we drive the busy roads, the curvy roads and the stoplights. We drive all over town to give her practice. It’s really the only way to learn. She has classroom hours, but she’s never really practiced driving. Now I must be honest and tell you that sometimes this practice time is pretty scary. I find myself holding onto the handle on the side of the car. I am constantly dictating to her where to turn, which lane to be in, what to look out for, and basically how to be safe! It is the most present and aware I can possibly be. I cannot take my eyes off the road as I am her lifeline to safety!! The more she drives the better she gets, the less I need to instruct her. But it’s a process, slow and scary.

She knows that this learning process will lead to eventual independence, adventure and growth. She knows it’s worth it!

Its funny how new things can often feel like driving for the first time, scary, intimidating, overwhelming. We may find ourselves completely mentally and emotionally challenged as we put ourselves in new challenges but truthfully, the only way to get good at something new is to jump in and practice. Like getting behind the wheel of a car, sometimes we just have to be willing to put ourselves in a little bit of an uncomfortable place. We know it will lead to new experiences and growth, so we have to keep trying. All the while hoping there is someone sitting next to us offering encouragement and guidance.

What’s something new that you have always wanted to try?

How can you give yourself the chance to “practice?

Can you identify someone you might ask to be your passenger/encourager on this journey?

Ideas from the ‘kids” in my house:

Learn a language

Learn to draw

Learn how to play an instrument

Learn a magic trick

Pick up a new type of exercise

Learn how to do a handstand against the wall 🙂

Post your own ideas!

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