Cake for breakfast

Cake for breakfast

Yep. I have to admit it. Today I actually had cake for breakfast. It was good too. I just couldn’t resist. It was sitting in the kitchen just waiting to be eaten, so I did it. White cake with white frosting and sprinkles on top. What a treat. Especially for breakfast. With all this extra time on our hands my son has taken to baking. He makes a cake just about every other day. It is a “screen free” project we can do together. Sometimes he dyes them with food coloring, sometimes he cuts them into fun shapes. This cake was perfectly round and frosted to perfection. The sprinkles on top were added to create a beautiful yet happy dessert, something little to bring joy to our cooped up household!
Because I was barely awake, with each bite I took I stared intently at the cake. I could not stop looking at the sprinkles! Sprinkles everywhere, red ones, blue ones, pink, and yellow. They’re just little tiny balls of color, but, yet they are so fantastic. It’s like putting a party in your mouth with every bite! Come to think of it, sprinkles change everything. They bring color and life to whatever they sit on. Interestingly though, sprinkles do not add to the flavor of the cake. In fact, they just sit on top with no purpose at all, but they do add a little sparkle! So what if during our day we tried to sprinkle a little joy into our relationships and interactions. Small tidbits of joy can really change someone’s day. Teeny tiny drops of love can melt even the toughest heart. Ity bity bits of kindness can go a long way.
Maybe sprinkles are not so small after all. Maybe they are the whole difference.

To say that sprinkles could change the world would be an overstatement, but to sprinkle a little love, joy and kindness into the world might make a bigger difference than we could ever imagine.

Where are places you could “sprinkle” kindness into today?
Who could use a “sprinkle” of joy from you right now?
How could we “sprinkle” love to those who need a little bit extra of it today?

Share some of the sprinkles of kindness you have seen! 

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