I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like turbulence. I used to be a frequent flyer but the older I have gotten I have changed the way I feel about being in the friendly skies. For some reason, turbulence really rattles me now, and I simply don’t enjoy flying. I know in my head the plane is doing what it is exactly supposed to do. It is moving with the currents, up and down, adjusting itself to the different air patches it encounters. I know the plane is well-equipped to handle each bump along the way. I know turbulence feels uncomfortable but is a natural part of flying; turbulence is just part of the trip!
Even though I know all these things, I still feel scared. I still would like to buckle myself tight and hold on to the person next to me hoping that might ease my fears. I still wait anxiously for the turbulence to end.

We are all experiencing some turbulence right now, lots of it.As we move through this season in our society, we are passing through very bumpy spaces. Many spaces we have never experienced before. Each new day comes with its own ups and downs, bumps, rattles, and downright uncomfortable moments. But the truth is we were made to endure turbulence. God created us with a strong inner spirit, a willpower, and A hope that will drive us through this unexpected bumpy place. We may not like it. We may want a tighter seatbelt or a friend to grasp along the way, but we are capable of getting through it. Because turbulence is part of the journey. And it’s not the destination that leaves it’s impression on us, it’s how we thrive in the journey.

Identify someone you can “hang on to” during this time.
Let them know some of your worries and ask them to be a source of encouragement to you.
Challenge yourself to be an encourager to a friend as well!

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