Today I will not let fear win

Today I will not let fear win.  Today I will not let emotions rise. Today I will trust that God is still in control.
So today as I face a new reality, rather than focus on what I cannot do, I will choose what I can do.
 Because today I will not let fear win.
As I adjust to this new reality I am making a list of things that I will accomplish today! Some of them will be activities that benefit me, and some will be directed toward helping others. But I will continue to do and be and live. 
Even coronavirus and social distancing can’t take my spirit away…

So today I will

Give my dog a really long belly rub.

Teach my mom to use FaceTime and bring her something yummy to eat!

Give my neighbor some old toys I’ve been meaning to sell

Workout… hard

Pray… harder

Listen to my college freshman’s stories

Make a cake with my 12 year old

Tell my family  I love them

So today what will you do?
I want to encourage you to make a list. One that will inspire you to choose Joy today and to spread Joy to others.
Post your lists below!

4 thoughts on “Today I will not let fear win

  1. Gratitude.
    I am very thankful I can work from home.
    I am also super thankful my college freshman made it safely home from Oregon and can finish her freshman year via e-learning from here.
    I appreciate all 5 of us (including our dog, Aspen) being together.
    I am not near my mom, but I am thankful for my brother & his family making sure she has what she needs, and for technology that allows me to check in with her.

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  2. This is awesome Brooks! I’m still working, although from my couch, but my goal is to get a home cooked meal on the table for dinner and get laundry done for both us and a dog rescue organization I support. Thinking about starting to make cards and send a note each day to a friend or family member near or far.


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