the pursuit of positivity

Hello friends! Thank you so much for stopping by! This blog has been created to encourage, inspire, share, dream and be all things positive. As a Youth worker of 25 years, life coach, and mother, I am in constant pursuit of creating positivity. Our current society has challenged our sense of emotional security. Anxiety and depression seem to be contagious. Over the past decade I have become an avid pursuer of positivity. I believe in the power of the mind and empowering the individual to use it!

So together we will seek joy, happiness, positivity and all things of that sort! Why? Because I need it and you need it. Our kids kids need, our teachers and coaches need it. The world needs it. We all need a daily dose of joy. As we find our own happiness and engage with positivity, we are able to spread it to those around us.

So thanks again for stopping by, please come back. My hope is to empower you to choose joy, to fully pursue it each day and to let it bubble inside you until it overflows to those around you!

Thought for today: Your mind is a powerful tool, are you in control of it or is it in control of you?

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