Take it back

This year I’m taking things back:
I’m taking back my mind, from anxiety that steals my joy….
I’m taking back my time, from all the idle watching and checking I think I’m supposed to do..
I’m taking back my thoughts, from the clutter that causes distraction and isolation…
I’m taking back my body, from the lies that tell me to be somebody I’m not…
I’m taking back my faith, that teaches me who I belong to ….
I’m taking back my courage, and chasing my dreams 
We spend too much of our lives giving ourselves away to things that are not true or good or healthy or Holy. So This year I’m taking things back, and choosing Joy, 
What will you take back?

This week identify one area of your life you have listened to negative voices. Next, write down how you will begin to take yourself back!


I am smart enough to pass this test

I am worthy of friends who treat me well

I deserve to feel feel Joy

I am capable of starting a business

I am exactly the parent my children need

I have goals worth I am excited about

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